Our 4 Favourite Sri Lankan Restaurants in London

We all know that the UK has plenty of Indian eateries, but what about Sri Lankan restaurants? London has thankfully got a handful and we’re eager to share with you which ones are best.

Despite often being in the shadow of Indian cuisine, people in the know will recognise that Sri Lankan food is just as tasty and exciting as its northern neighbour’s fare.

The hoppers from Dammika’s are just one reason why we love this Sri Lankan restaurant in Westminster. Source: Quandoo

While there are no doubt similarities between the two cuisines, Sri Lankan food does differentiate itself. Yes, you’ll find curries and street snacks that at first glimpse are the same, but there’s always a delicious spin when you delve further into the delicacies.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sri Lankan cuisine, we recommend reading this insightful article. Yet if you’re short on time or just plain impatient and want to get to a restaurant ASAP, let’s move on to our guide about Sri Lankan restaurants in London.

Virundhu Restaurant and Virundhu Street Kitchen are two of our favourite places for Sri Lankan food. Source: Quandoo

Whether you’re a veteran in the cuisine or a total newbie looking to explore, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Sri Lankan restaurants in London you should visit. Check them out and we promise you’ll soon be savouring an authentic Sri Lankan feast to remember!


Dammika’s is a smart-looking gem in Westminster that’s widely known amongst Londoners for its extensive Sri Lankan menu. From the vadai lentil cakes and mutton rolls for starters through to the biryanis, curries and hopper pancakes, the flavour of each dish here is full on. If you’re after an introductory meal to Sri Lankan cuisine that’s both delicious and traditional, Dammika’s is for you.

Go for: A feast of everything

Open Monday to Friday from 12 – 10pm, and Sunday from 12 – 4pm. Located in Westminster.

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This truly authentic restaurant in northeast London is the best place to go if you want to taste the exotic and fiery side of Sri Lankan cuisine. In an ambient dining space on Field End Road, guests at Virundhu can sample some irresistible curries like tender jackfruit with coconut milk, fish with tamarind and tomato, squid with pungent spices, or aromatic Ceylon chicken with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Virundhu also has a sister Street Kitchen restaurant in Ruislip, which is a bit more informal and focuses on mouthwatering “short eats”.

Go for: The lampries with mutton curry, aubergine moju, seeni sambol, green jackfruit curry, egg and fish cutlet served on a banana leaf

Open Monday to Friday from 12:30 – 3pm and 5:30 – 11pm, Saturday from 12:30 – 11pm, and Sunday from 12:30 – 10pm. Located in Pinner.

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Now with two locations in London, Hoppers is something of a wonder kid on the city’s dining scene. This is no mum-and-dad curry shop, but rather two sleek and modern restaurants serving artisan cocktails and signature Sri Lankan dishes. Spices are aplenty at Hoppers with their chutneys and sambols – key features in Sri Lankan cuisine – proving perfect alongside the Tamil curries and roast meats.

Go for: The mutton bone marrow varuval, the crab kari and the half rack of Jaffna lamb chops

Open Monday to Thursday from 12 – 2:30pm and 5:30 – 10:30pm, Friday and Saturday from 12 – 10:30pm, and Sunday from 12 – 9:30pm. Located in St Christopher’s Place and Soho.

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Kothu Kothu

The menu might be short at Kothu Kothu, but oh is it sweet. This hole-in-the-wall eatery at Deptford Market Yard serves some of the best Sri Lankan food in London and it’s all thanks to their signature kothu roti dishes. A staple street food in Sri Lanka, kothu roti is comprised of diced up roti that’s fried with meat, vegetables and exotic spices. While it’s more of a take-away joint than a restaurant, this is seriously good stuff and well worth a visit.

Go for: Kothu roti galore (mutton is our favourite)

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 – 9pm. Sundays from 12 – 5pm. Located in Deptford.

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More Sri Lankan restaurants

The following restaurants are all top-quality choices for a Sri Lankan meal out. However, they’re not exclusively Sri Lankan. Yet the flip side of that is they also serve some of the best Indian cuisine in London!

Dosa n Chutny

Sri Lankan and South Indian restaurant in Tooting.

Apollo Banana Leaf

Sri Lankan and South Indian restaurant in Tooting.

Jaffna House

Sri Lankan and Indian restaurant in Tooting.

Gana Restaurant

Sri Lankan and South Indian restaurant in Wembley.

Palm Beach Restaurant

Sri Lankan and South Indian restaurant in Wembley.