Jazz ‘n’ a Meal in Milan: Your Guide to the Smoothest Jazz Bars in Milan

The cool cats of Milan

If you love the smooth sounds of jazz, fine wine and excellent food, Milan is the city for you. Whether you’re wandering around the stylish Isola or artistic Brera districts, there are jazz cafes with live music and superb Italian food. However, it can be confusing to know where to go. So we’ve put together a guide of authentic jazz bars in Milan, with a cool atmosphere, some serious groove and unforgettable food. Let’s take a look at the top five jazz bars and restaurants in Milan.

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BQ De Nótt

There’s no better place to begin exploring Milan’s jazz scene than BQ De Nótt. Located in Navigli along via Bussola, BQ De Nótt, is the perfect place for those who appreciate fine cuisine and seriously good live music. There is a range of local dishes on offer, from traditional Lombardy cuisine to wider Italian cuisine in general, alongside burgers, fine wine and a vast selection of craft beer. The area surrounding this Milan jazz bar and restaurant is lively and vibrant making it the perfect venue for a good time indeed. So sit back, relax and enjoy some jazz – BQ De Nótt is one of the coolest spots in town.

Les Gitanes Bistrot

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Not far from Navigli’s main station, Porta Genova, Les Gitanes Bistrot is another jazz bar in Milan that’s a must-visit. Its unique interiors are timeless and chic with a charming degree of attention to detail. This bar and restaurant on via Tortona has a 50’s-style bar, black and white striped interior, traditional Italian furniture and a menu that’s very tempting indeed. You’ll find dishes such as lasagna, venison terrine and salted cod carpaccio that are perfect with a bottle of vintage Italian wine and the smooth sounds of live jazz.

Blue Note

Everyone in Milan knows Blue Note. This club is part of Italy’s music history and in the Italian jazz scene, every important musician has played here at least once. Each year there are over 350 shows and the atmosphere is truly electric. Not only is the live jazz incredible, but the food served at Blue Note is some of the best in Milan. You’ll find a range of Italian and international dishes alongside French and Italian wine and over 200 cocktails. One of the best places for jazz in Milan, Blue Note is a must for jazz lovers.

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The Room

The Room lies near the chic Porta Romana district and reflects what Milan is famous for: creativity, global cuisine, art and design. This club is both a restaurant and a lounge bar, thriving in a post-industrial space inspired by New York’s famous Studio 54. The menu is international and features empanads made with local mushrooms, vegan sandwiches, fish and chips and American-style pancakes. The Room hosts quality live jazz in a cool space and should not be missed.

Bistro Milano

Bistro Milano is one of the classiest jazz bars in Milan. A hub for artists, it’s ambient, charming and bursting with culture. At the core of Bistro Milano is it’s policy on having a short supply chain. This means, every ingredient comes from trusted, local suppliers and it’s all made in-house. Be sure to keep an eye out for Bistro Milano’s degustation evenings where you can match excellent food and service with quality music.

As well as delighting gourmands, Bistro Milano is the ideal place for jazz fans. This Milan jazz bar is home to an array of live music events and a cultural scene that’s unlike any other in Milan.

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