How to Eat Chicken Wings in London

This is the very first Quisine guide on how to eat annoying foods. Foods that insist on making your face messy or your shirt dirty. The point is for you to be able to walk into any restaurant and order whatever you like with zero fear or uncertainty. You’ll never be left wondering how to eat annoying foods again.

Chicken wings

We’re starting with how to eat chicken wings in London. Not the drumstick ones, the flat ones that have two bones inside. The ones that leave you with too much chicken in your teeth and even more sauce on your chin. Getting all the meat off those two bones is annoying to say the least, so we have three easy steps to help you conquer them.

Gooey and glazed chicken wings. Source: Shutterstock \[…\] [

How to eat chicken wings – the method

Step 1: Hold your little chicken wing flat with the biggest piece of end cartilage in your better hand. Grab the cartilage, gently wiggle it and off it shall tear.

Step 2: You’ll then see the two bones. Take the smaller one and perform more gentle wiggling until you feel some cartilage snap, then just pull the bone right out.

Step 3: Grab the bigger bone and repeat the same process.

How to eat chicken wings – the result

Once you’ve had some practise, the above steps will leave you with one tender, boneless piece of chicken that you can dip with or munch in one bite. It’s foolproof, folks, and the method means you’ll not question how to eat chicken wings ever again.

Now you’re probably mad keen to get out in London and put your new chicken wing skills to the test. Here are some mighty fine restaurants at which to do just that:

Ottobun Turkish Bistro

Bun & Bar – Highbury. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [

A mere £4.50 will buy you seven juicy chicken wings at Ottobun Turkish Bistro, previously London’s Bun & Bar, served with a BBQ, Texas, ghost chilli or teriyaki glaze. With sauces this good you’ll be glad you know how to eat a chicken wing the right way. Side note, the burgers happen to be insane as well.

Waffle Jack’s - Wimbledon

Waffle Jacks – Wimbledon. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [

An award-winning independent London restaurant with an American menu that’s better than most, the chicken wings here are good stuff. They’re marinated to perfection and done New Orleans-style. This place is so authentic that you won’t want to arrive not knowing how to eat a chicken wing.

Fatboyz Diner - East Ham

Fatboyz Diner – East Ham. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [

Fatboyz Diner is run by three lads who love America and its cuisine so alongside all the American classics you’ll find chicken wings that are grilled or done Buffalo-style. There’s also a peri peri variety that we adore, and it’s 12 chicken wings for £7. Boom.