Cocktail Delivery Services in London to Lift Your Spirits

Hear that? It’s the sound of some of London’s best bars shaking and stirring delicious cocktails all the way to your doorstep.

That’s right. Although you can’t pop down to your local pub, wine bar or cocktail lounge for an evening tipple, the city’s bartenders are bringing the experience into your home. And, as one of the hardest hit sectors within the hospitality industry, it just so happens to be the perfect way to support your local restaurant and bar scene.

Bloody Mary, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Margaritas… Whatever your standing bar order is, we’ve got the scoop on where to get it in its bottled or vacuum-packed form.

8 restaurants and bars delivering cocktails to your door…


Notting Hill’s elegant neighbourhood restaurant, Orasay, has a full fridge stocked with ten different cocktail drinks. Alongside a stellar food menu, blood orange negroni, espresso martini, frozen honey margarita and apple and ginger rum punch are just some of the happy concoctions to sip on. Orasay delivers the goods fresh from the fridge in vacuum-packs, so all you need to do is pour them into your glass. Bottoms up.

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What could be better than strolling around Winchmore Hill with a refreshing cocktail in hand? Ambrosia is making those dreams come true. An excellent excuse to get out of the house, this friendly Mediterranean restaurant has their regular cocktail menu available to order – complete with strawberry daiquiris, mojitos, whiskey sours and more. All one needs to do is view the online menu and give the Ambrosia a call on 020 3490 5079.

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Having to hide away at home has its not-so-bad moments, thanks to cocktail deliveries from these cocktail connoisseurs. Under less crazy circumstances, Hide operates from sunrise to sunset as a luxurious three-level restaurant and bar in Piccadilly. Currently, they’ve switched things up with a non-traditional takeout menu which features a premium selection of cocktail mixes. Create the perfect pre-dinner delight at home with Hide’s Aperol Spritz Mixer Pack or choose between other zesty, fruity and summertime cocktails. For some extra good feels, there’s even an option to donate to the NHS at checkout. Nice one, Hide.

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Oren London

Trust this Mediterranean restaurant to have all the essential ingredients for a lockdown party. Head to Oren London’s online shop and you’ll be greeted with a very fun selection of cocktail kits, available for delivery. Choose between an aperol spritz, negroni, margarita and filter coffee martini or go big with the filthy martini party pack.

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Passo To Go

In our most humble opinion, a pizza and pasta party can simply not exist without an Italian aperitivo to kick things off. And Passo To Go agrees. On top of their fresh DIY cooking kits, Passo To Go also has a couple of homemade cocktails available to add to your delivery order. Choose between the classic negroni or summer blackberry bramble and you’ll have everything you need for a delightful stay home bash.

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Brother Marcus

Make some room in the family for Brother Marcus. The restaurant group has switched to an online delivery menu crammed with Eastern Mediterranean magic – including a few cocktail favourites to tack onto your order. Pimp up the restaurant’s all day meze or delicious brunch options with the Brother Mary Kit or the Smoke & Honey creation – a Mediterranean twist on a Margarita. Each kit serves 10 – 15 and comes with a handy recipe.

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Wander x Wine

In keeping with the Italian theme, Wander’s Australian owner Alexis Noble also brings a Southern Hemisphere twist to the restaurant’s new online shop. Alongside the range of top wine and beer, Londoners can order spritz and negroni packs which feature spirits made from native Australian botanicals. We’ll clink our glasses to that.

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Duck & Waffle

Every cabinet could do with a Duck & Waffle bottle-conditioned cocktail sitting pretty on its shelf. Delivered in 70CL bottles, this is a cocktail made to last through your weeks at home (that’s the idea anyway). Choose between cherry blossom negroni, pina colada old fashioned or wake up with a coffee and chocolate boulevardier. For a non-alcoholic option, refreshing mocktails such as tonka ice coffee and lychee-lemongrass virgin collins are also being bottled up for your enjoyment.

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