Party On with These Cake Delivery Services in London

Although we’ve got to party in ones and twos for the time being, there’s one sweet guest that you can keep inviting round during lockdown. Nope, we’re not talking about your lovely neighbour Betty. We’re talking about CAKE. And a lot of it too.

Cake delivery in London is still widely available. Which means quarantine birthdays and everyday afternoon tea breaks are way less depressing (and it’s also a top way to support the local hospitality scene).

Whatever slice you’re craving, be it rich and chocolatey, fruity and vegan or 5-layered and sparkly – we’ve got your guide to the city’s best cakes delivered straight to your door.

Pick up your fork and let’s go cakewalking.

Where to order an online cake delivery in London

Caffé Concerto

When the Caffé Concerto bakers get their hands on flour and eggs, magic happens. And with 17 branches around the city, they’re making sure there’s enough cake being delivered to every London household. Specialising in celebratory cakes, Caffé Concerto’s desserts are a godsend for birthdays during lockdown (not that you need an excuse for a slice). Choose between decadent chocolate cakes, lemon sponge cakes with dramatic drip icing, bright cakes with fun macaron toppings or contact the team for a more personalised order.

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Gail’s Bakery

You can hardly turn a corner in London without coming across one of the city’s most-loved bakeries. We’re of course talking about Gail’s. While they are mostly praised for their delightful sourdough and buttery pastries, they also have an elegant selection of mini cakes and loaves available for delivery. Add a box of impossibly cute pistachio lemon and rose cakes to your online shopping cart ASAP.

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Lily Vanilli

Hear ye, hear ye! Make way for London’s queen of cakes: Lily Vanilli. There’s no need to join the endless snake of foodies queuing outside Lily’s bakery on a Sunday. Instead, stay in your pjs and head to the online store for all your cake needs. With options to add fresh flowers, salted caramel drips and fresh figs, glitter cherries and more to your order, this is where you go for a pimped up birthday cake.

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EL&N London

We won’t tell anyone if you fake a birthday as an excuse to dive into a cake from EL&N. This London bakery sure knows how to bring glitz to each layer of cake. Order a box of cute mini-sized cakes, pink and sparkly celebration cakes or break the mould with a decadent square cake. Cake flavours to die for include coconut and guava, pink pavlova, black forest, red velvet and a vegan pumpkin and coconut cake.

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Clipstone Restaurant

You may know Clipstone as the cool London restaurant serving up seasonal and contemporary dishes in Fitzrovia. However, during these rather mad times, the restaurant has transformed into a retail space stocking signature dishes, bread, wine and CAKE! While there’s just one variety of cake on offer, it’s so good that it needs no other company. The chocolate and strawberry crostata is available by the slice or whole (we recommend the latter).

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Cutter & Squidge

Somebody pinch us. Cutter & Squidge cakes what dreams are made of. Using ingredients approved by Mother Nature herself, these London-based bakers make cakes from scratch on the daily. Pop over to their online store to admire an endless collection of beautiful cakes, iced to perfection with extra fun toppings. Whether you’re a chocolate maniac, like to keep things vegan or just really want a unicorn birthday cake delivery – Cutter & Squidge are your people.

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Cake or Death

A bakery that’s clearly got its priorities right, Cake or Death specialises in vegan cakes for birthdays or just your everyday British tea break. The Biscoff cake is the business’s number one best-seller, but carrot, chocolate, classic Victoria sponge or lemon and passionfruit cakes are also available for delivery. Vegan or not, these cakes should be high on your to-eat list.

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Shuk London

Want a DIY cake option? Craving something other than a classic round sponge cake? Enter, Shuk. Usually found slinging Tel Aviv-style pitas at the back of Borough Market, Shuk is currently switching things up with DIY Babka Kits. Rooted in Jewish culture, Babka is a sweet braided cake with delicious layers of chocolate or cinnamon. Shuk’s kits can be delivered for free and include all the delicious ingredients needed to bring your own chocolate, hazelnut and cookie crumb babka cake to life.

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Just when we thought we were running out of reasons to love Ottolenghi, they go ahead and charm us further with cake deliveries during lockdown. Blimmin’ flirts. Skip to the sweet section of their online shop for a tantilising array of mini cakes and whole cakes, with epic flavour combos ranging from flourless rum and chocolate fondant, vegan pistachio and tangerine and the carrot and walnut crowd pleaser.

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Kova Patisserie

Crepe cakes are so hot right now. And if there’s anywhere you should go to get your hit, it’s Kova. The Japanese patisserie has locations in both Chinatown and South Kensington and have quickly become the star of many Instagram newsfeeds. While COVID-19 restrictions are in place, Kova has their whole mille crepe cakes available for pick-up or delivery. To make decisions even tougher, there’s Japanese soufflé cheesecakes, strawberry shortcakes, matcha roll cakes and more on offer. Our advice? Order Kova’s party set for the whole shebang.

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