London’s Sunday Roasts with the Most!

What started out as a hearty post-church tradition in England, has become somewhat of a religion in its own right. Ah, Sunday Roasts. What would this country be without this national dish to unite all hungry (and often hungover) Brits?

When Sunday ticks over in London, the heavens open and flood the land with rich gravy, impossibly puffy puddings and mouth-watering roasted meats. Praise be.

These days, Sunday Roasts in the capital come in all sorts of forms to cater to the city’s cosmopolitan crowd. From vegetarian banquets and cheap feeds to traditional carvings and Michelin-starred pubs, we’ve gathered an eclectic list of the best Sunday Roasts in London. You may need a bib for this one.

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We’d like to propose a Sunday Roast to…

1. The Drapers Arms

In the London Borough of Islington, lives The Drapers Arms, a cosy well-loved neighbourhood pub. Though serving up great eats, drinks and banter every day of the week, this quintessentially British establishment does Sundays particularly well. Spark your appetites with hearty yet elegant starters (such as curried roast parsnip soup or duck rillettes) before making your way to the real star of the show.

It doesn’t matter if you’re partial to pork belly, lamb rump or shoulder, sirloin, chicken or even something of the vegan variety. There’s nothing The Drapers Arms can’t roast. Of course, helpings of puffy Yorkshire puddings, potatoes, carrots, apple sauce and a whole lot of gravy are peppered all throughout the menu. For those eyeing up one of their popular sharing roasts, it’s best to order in advance!

Address: 44 Barnsbury Street, Islington, LondonExplore The Drapers Arms Sunday Menu

2. The Gate Islington

On the other end of Islington, London’s trendiest vegetarians and vegans are flocking to The Gate in a protest that comforting Sunday Roasts shouldn’t just be for those with Flintstone appetites. When that time of the week rolls around, it’s clear why The Gate is easily one of the greatest plant-friendly destinations in the city.

The vegan Sunday Roast features creative and beautifully presented dishes such as Aubergine Schnitzel, Mushroom and Leek Wellington, Roasted Butternut Squash and other delightfully surprising creations that’ll lure even the stubbornest meatlovers. We suggest you give it a go – the cows will love you for it.

Address: 370 St John Street, LondonBook now to enter The Gates for a heavenly vegetarian roast

3. The Carpenters Arms

Just because you spent almost all of your weekend budget on Saturday night antics, doesn’t mean you have to settle for something from a sad can in your pantry. No siree! At The Carpenters Arms on Whitfield Street, a Sunday Roast won’t cost you your soul – but it will definitely steal your heart.

For a little over a tenner, gorge on your choice of 21-day aged sirloin of beef, half roast chicken or a vegetarian nut roast with all the trimmings of golden Yorkshire pudding, roasted veggies, braised red cabbage and plenty of gravy or jus. *chef’s kiss!*

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Address: 68-70 Whitfield Street, Bloomsbury, LondonGrab a cheap (but choice) roast at The Carpenters Arms

4. Harwood Arms

If you’ve got the cash for a Sunday splash then dive right into London’s only Michelin-starred pub: Harwood Arms. Tucked away on the back streets of Fulham, this upscale but homely establishment ensures that your day of rest is an unbelievably scrumptious one.

The award-winning business holds onto the heart of the classic Sunday roast, with experienced chefs elevating it in highly creative ways. Pork belly becomes a braised jowl, ‘all the trimmings’ includes tasty additions like cauliflower cheese croquettes and gravy is made with bone marrow. Finish off your wild game feast with cranberry jam donuts stuffed with Christmas creme fraiche and you won’t be forgetting this Sunday anytime soon.

Address: Walhom Grove, Fulham, LondonFancy a fancy roast? Follow us this way…

5. St. JOHN Restaurant

One week’s notice is required to indulge in a roast to St John’s and it’s clear to see why. After all, Fergus Henderson (one of England’s renowned chefs) lives and eats by a nose-to-tail philosophy. That is, no part of the animal gets left behind. Although it’s not strictly an affair reserved for Sundays, we can’t think of a better day to sit down and demolish a rich and generous feast with friends and family.

During the silly season, a Christmas menu features various menus each with a different beast to feed a party of 9 or more. One such creature is the goose, where each part of the bird is championed. From the tip of the beak to each webbed toe, St John’s makes sure each part gives the entire table goosebumps. Otherwise, a whole roast suckling pig will keep up to 22 friends very well-stuffed all year round.

26 St John Street, Barbican, LondonFind out more about St John’s nose to tail feasting!

6. Kricket, Brixton

London’s favourite collection of modern Indian restaurants can be found in the hip nooks of Soho and White Island. However, their Brixton establishment is where you want to be when Sunday comes knocking. The mighty clever chefs combine British ingredients with Indian flavour kicks, and a Sunday Roast is no exception.

The roast of choice is constantly changing week on week, but with past favourites like Kashmiri Lamb Leg, Kasundi Broccoli and Jerra and Curry Leaf Potatoes, the forecast for more delicious Indian-inspired roasts is looking hot.

Address: 41 – 43 Atlantic Road, Brixton, LondonSpice up your Sunday Roast at Kricket

7. Lost Society

If you thought London’s bottomless brunches were reserved for avocado eating cliques, Lost Society is here to prove you wrong. In the neighbourhood of Battersea, this swanky London cocktail bar combines two of the nation’s favourite things – succulent roasted meats and free-flowing booze.

Every Sunday, the smooth acoustic sounds of live performers fill the opulently decorated room while customers dine like royalty. Dig into British beef, Dorset lamb, vegan nut roasts, puffy Yorkshire puddings and glistening carrots. Then there’s the (rather obvious) option to add endless bubbles, mimosas or Bloody Mary’s to your order. Oh, go on then.

339 Battersea Park Road, Battersea, LondonBook now for Lost Society’s bottomless Sunday Roast

8. The Guinea Grill

A Sunday Roast without a pud on the side is a criminal offence in our books. Thankfully, The Guinea Grill sticks to the law and does Yorkshire Puddings justice every single Sunday. The Mayfair pub takes the classic ingredients of flour, milk and eggs, and adds a good dollop of love to create perfectly puffy, crispy and light Sunday miracles.

Of course, the roasts themselves are real winners too. The Yorkshire Puddings accompany everything from a rump of dry aged beef to blue cheese, truffle and walnut gratin.

And if you can’t get to The Guinea Grill anytime soon, have a go at making your own puddings with good ol Mary Berry’s foolproof recipe.

30 Bruton Place, Mayfair, LondonGet your Yorkshire fix at The Guinea Grill