The 8 Best Restaurants in Cardiff Bay

Formerly the Cardiff docklands and the hub of the world’s coal industry, Cardiff Bay is now one of the hottest dining spots in Wales.

It’s also got a freshwater lake for watersports, loads of hotels, spas and a comedy club, plenty of boats, a Norweigen church and The Red Dragon Centre to go along with all the food.

Cardiff Bay is well worth a trip, and these are the restaurant’s you shouldn’t miss when you go.

Côte Cardiff Bay

Côte is crazy popular for good reason. It might be a chain restaurant but it feels like a little independent bistro serving high-quality food. The all-day menus are French through and through and updated often, meaning it’s unlikely two visits will taste the same, and the prices are always on point. Definitely one of the most popular restaurants in Cardiff Bay.

Location: Mermaid Quay, not far from Cardiff Bay train station Best dish: Hard to go wrong with steak frites for £11.95 Best for: A relaxed lunch or dinner with the whole family

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Culley’s at The Exchange Hotel

The Exchange Hotel is laced with Cardiff Bay history and its basement is where you’ll find Culley’s. As restaurants in Cardiff Bay go, Culley’s is all about the finer things and serves exquisite British food prepared with seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. Ideal if you want to escape the Cardiff Bay buzz, Culley’s at The Exchange Hotel is something special.

Location: The Exchange Building Best dish: It has to be the Welsh lamb rump Best for: A special occasion with your other half

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Bara Menyn

Bara Menyn is the Cardiff Bay restaurant you can count on for food that’s wonderfully Welsh. It’s local, independent, and we love it. As a casual spot that’s just open for breakfast and lunch, Bara Menyn is the best way to fuel your day in Cardiff Bay, and the staff here always do their best to make you feel right at home. The food is cafe-style and wholesome as anything. Get involved.

Location: Porth Teigr Way Best dish: Fandango’s platter with Welsh cheese and oatcakes Best for: A cosy lunch

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Duchess of Delhi

Duchess of Delhi is the best Indian restaurant at Cardiff Bay but it’s by no means your standard curry house. Duchess of Delhi serves Indian food as well as other South Asian cuisines like Nepalese, Thai, Singaporean and Malaysian, then the restaurant itself is extremely elegant complete with white tablecloths and all. You’ll find a few delicacies here that you definitely won’t get anywhere else in Cardiff Bay.

Location: Bute Crescent, right by the Wales Millenium Centre Best dish: Don’t miss the baked baby octopus starter Best for: A big birthday meal

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5. Demiro’s

Also right by the Wales Millenium Centre is Demiro’s, one of the most well-known Mediterranean restaurants in Cardiff Bay for over 15 years. Italian and Spanish dishes are the main features of the menu, but that’s not to say you won’t find a little taste of Wales as well, with everything served in a restaurant that seats up to 200 people. Safe to say Demiro’s is a good place for a party.

Location: Find Demiro’s at Mermaid Quay Best dish: The fresh baked halibut with Demiro’s secret cheese sauce Best for: Celebrations of all kinds – order the Champagne!

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Fabulous Welshcakes

No prizes for guessing what they serve at Fabulous Welshcakes. That’s right, fabulous Welshcakes. As the cheery folk at this Cardiff Bay gem will tell you themselves, few things in life are better than a freshly baked, crumbly, buttery Welshcake, hence this bakery makes Welshcakes and nothing else. A bag of these is essential for any day out around the Bay.

Location: Mermaid Quay. We’re noticing a trend… Best dish: Welshcakes Best for: Welshcakes

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Yakitori #1

For a spot of sushi, look no further than Yakitori #1. A modern Japanese restaurant in Cardiff Bay, Yakitori #1 seems to be full around the clock, likely thanks to its entertaining open kitchen and its relatively healthy dishes that are designed to be shared around the table. All this makes for a meal that’s fun, social and a bit different to other restaurants around Mermaid Quay.

Location: At Mermaid Quay just around from Roald Dahl Plass Best dish: Load up on yakitori skewers, from salmon to sweet potato Best for: A light, fun meal with friends

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The Dock Bar & Kitchen

Last but not least, The Dock Bar & Kitchen is a Cardiff Bay all-rounder that serves flavours from across the world. From brunch through to dinner, discover new dishes or get stuck into classic ones, then wash everything down with a signature mock- or cocktail mixed by a handy team of pros. The Dock Bar & Kitchen has the vibe, the views and the choice.

Location: Right by the water on Stuart Street Best dish: Play safe with Dock fish & chips, or experiment with Mandarin pork belly Best for: Anything from post-work drinks to a birthday meal

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