The 8 Best Areas to Eat Out in London

Knowing where to start for the best areas to eat out in London can be overwhelming. North London this, Sound London that. But London is a great city to be hungry in. You just need to know that some areas are better for street food shacks than they are for modern European restaurants, and vice versa. This guide to the 8 best areas to eat out in London should help you on your way.

1. Camden

Camden is one of the tastiest and best areas to eat out in London as long as you stay away from the sometimes dodgy food stalls. Camden is eclectic and quirky, much like its selection of restaurants.

The legendary Lock. Source: Shutterstock \[…\] [

Band of Burgers

Right on Camden High Street, Band of Burgers takes inspiration from Camden’s rock culture meaning murals and tonnes of vinyl. The burgers are next level and joyfully named. Sexy Mexican Maid, anyone?

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Jamon Jamon Camden

On Parkway, the Camden Jamon Jamon is our favourite and serves up Spanish tapas under a very charming skylight. Enjoyed with a few glasses of red, you can’t go wrong.

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Ma Petite Jamaica

With just as much heart and soul as Camden itself, this little Caribbean joint is just one more reason to visit Camden. Red Stripe, loads of rum and some quality jerk chicken, Ma Petite Jamaica is a Camden gem.

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2. Islington

Islington won’t be near the top of any tourist’s list of the best areas to eat out in London, but locals lovingly refer to the Islington road between Angel and Highbury as “Supper Street”. There are some great restaurants to head to in Islington at any time of day.

Beautiful bruschetta \[…\] [

Johnny Bruschetta

This cool little spot on Liverpool Road is the master of one thing: damn good bruschetta done the Tuscan way. Saltless bread, toasted, drizzled with olive oil and finished with ridiculously tasty toppings. It goes off here.

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El Inca Plebeyo

Much of the menu at this restaurant on Essex Road is inspired by Ecuador which makes it fishy, vibrant and hella colourful. The restaurant itself, as is expected in Islington, is trendy and chic.

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Noa Restaurant

Moments from Highbury & Islington station is a local gem for fans of proper Turkish cuisine. Everything is prepared at Noa with tradition in mind, making it far more than just your average kebab house.

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3. Shoreditch

Amid ramshackle bars and independent shops, the Shoreditch of today (with allll of its money) has a decent blend of cool haunts and pretty high-end restaurants. Ipso facto, there’s food for you no matter the contents of your bank account.

Andina Peruvian Kitchen. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [

Match Box

Right on Shoreditch High Street, Match Box is one of the little haunts for if you don’t feel like spending a whole load. It’s got screens for the sport and a hefty American-style menu to fill you up.

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Andina Peruvian Kitchen

This exquisite spot on Redchurch Street blends the soul food of Peru – quinoa, maca, amaranth, Peruvian cherries, purple maize – with seasonal British fare.

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Tay Do Restaurant

Tay Do Restaurant has been serving vibrant Vietnamese food since before it became cool. That’s the summer of 2000, to be precise. Here you’ll find some of the best Saigon specialities in East London, the chilli and lemongrass fried in coconut milk being just the start.

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4. Clapham

Being one of the most popular places to live in London, Clapham is brimming with places to get your fill and European restaurants are common. It’s anyone’s guess whether you’ll be met on the High Street by a strolling family, a frantic young professional or a hoard of Australians…

Outside at Metro Garden… Source: Quandoo \[…\] [

Osteria dell’Arte

Italian food combined with art? So Clapham. This restaurant between Clapham Junction and Clapham Common has works from local artists adorning the walls, there’s regular exhibitions and the food is a delight as well.

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Metro Garden

If you don’t live in Clapham, Metro Garden will make you wish you did. There’s modern European fare on offer and one of the cosiest al fresco opportunities we know of in the area. Really, it’s beautiful.

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La Bonne Heure

In Clapham South, La Bonne Heure is a properly French restaurant with starters like snails and mains like ribeye steak with pommes frites and bèarnaise sauce. What more is there to say?

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5. Soho

Ah, Soho. Where would London be without Soho. Definitely one of the best areas to eat out in London and full of history, nightlife, theatres and sex shops as well, Soho is a hit with tourists and Londoners alike.

Some artistry at Flavour Bastard. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [

Flavour Bastard

Flavour Bastard Soho takes everything you think you know about food and flips it on its head in an effortlessly cool way. Dishes are creative and inspired by the world. Flavour Bastard knows what’s up.

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Zelman Meats

Right in the mixer for everything Soho has to offer, Zelman Meats is a steakhouse that doesn’t mess about. There’s only one meat on the menu – beef – and it’s of a ridiculously high quality not found anywhere else in Soho.

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Herman ze German

If you’re in Soho then why not go to town on some German sausages? Every single one is high-quality, gluten-free, lactose-free and without a cheap cut of meat in sight. Or, if you’re feeling extravagant, a schnitzel may be just the ticket.

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6. Brixton

Brixton the melting pot is multicultural and fizzing with quirks and character. You could hit up the many street food stalls, sure, but you’d be silly not to get involved with one of the many Caribbean restaurants that make Brixton one of the best areas to eat out in London.

Inside Three Little Birds \[…\] [


Named after one of the most beautiful parts of Jamaica, Negril will knock your socks off with bold Caribbean flavours and one of the friendliest restaurant atmospheres in Brixton. Start with the salted fish fritters. Just saying.

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Three Little Birds

Shock horror, Three Little Birds pays homage to Bob Marley with a menu inspired by Jamaica and a ridiculously good selection of Jamaican rum. On Coldharbour Lane, the interior is cool as well.

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Kata Kata

Wild card alert: Kata Kata is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant worth trying even if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan. It specialises in crepes and galettes and the staff are big into helping the local Brixton community as well.

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7. Spitalfields (Brick Lane)

Famed as much for exceptional curry houses as it is for bric-a-brac and proper East End markets, Spitalfields is one of the best areas to eat out in London if you can’t get enough of the spice. Warning: there’s rather a lot of choice.

Brick Lane means Indian buffet. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [

Aladin Brick Lane

Award-winning and one the most famous curry houses on Brick Lane, Aladin really doesn’t need much more of an intro. If you had one wish (or three), we imagine you’d choose to dine at Aladin Brick Lane every night.

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Nazrul Brick Lane

Another member of the Brick Lane Indian restaurant royal family, Nazrul was one of the first to set up shop back in ‘79 and has now become a part of every East Ender’s heart.

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Brick Lane Brasserie

A bit more of a new kid on the block but still earning its stripes thanks to a properly good Indian menu and an even better BYO policy, Brick Lane Brasserie continues to deliver the goods. Not literally.

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8. Notting Hill

Heading over to West London means things are bound to get a little more elegant, but the traditional pubs and bistros in Notting Hill definitely put it up there as one of the best areas to eat out in London. Just expect a bit of refinery rather than a satisfied dirty burger craving. We love coming here when on the hunt for a perfect Valentine's Day restaurant in London.

The Italian Job – Brick Lane. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [Read More…](

The Kensington Wine Rooms

Tapas-style bar food, classic British dishes done with plenty of pizzazz and 150 bottles and 40 wines by the glass, this place is so Notting Hill it hurts. Essential dining in this part of town.

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The Tiroler Hut

This Austrian-style Notting Hill pub has been doing the business since 1967 yet remains completely unique. Waiters dressed in lederhosen, yodelling and traditional Austrian decor set the scene for wholesome food and lots of Austrian and German beer.

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The Italian Job

The first ever Italian craft beer bar in the UK was The Italian Job in Chiswick, but this second one in Notting Hill is every bit as crafty and has lots of little plates to nibble on as well. Not one to be missed if you’re a fan of a rather upmarket pint.

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